I make websites, games in godot and programs, here is a little about me:
Since my 13th anniversary I started to question stuff, like “how the first computer come to existence, if it needs one”, and I started digging up the internet, in the mean time, learned English, and a little about how hard was to learn programming without knowing that people program, somehow I only fund tutorials about how to use *blank company* or something instead of real programming languages, so basically I gave up, until I fund that python exists in 2015, and so I made my first step as a programmer, brought a book. After thousands of programs made, I learned python,CSS, HTML, javascript, in 2018 I made this website, well *oopsie* it was with other functionalities, well this one will be a invitation to my life, and this time, I will keep it. In 2019 I learned a little about GDscript, and ended my middle school, so I had to make decisions, and I made then, a college, who don’t need it? Everyone need to know if you are capable of doing X stuff by having a paper.
As I already mentioned, my main languages are: GDscript (for godot), python (programs and hosting), CSS, HTML and javascript for websites and C/C++ for study (only for my college)
Oh, my projects, right, I make now most of then on my gamejolt (games) and futurely on github for stuff like libraries who I made
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My public social media is:
Twitter: @n00veloper
Gamejolt: @qwertytroll3
Github: @n00veloper